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Clear Nanobubble Unit

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Moleaer’s patented ClearTM nanobubble generator is a chemical-free solution for improving water quality and restoring the natural health of lakes and ponds. The Clear is a hyper-efficient gas-injection technology that uses air to produce a constant, concentrated stream of nanobubbles that provide a continuous source of treatment. Once injected, the nanobubbles distribute throughout the water column and the waterbody effectively delivering oxygen and a mild, oxidative impact even at the sediment layer. Nanobubbles are a sustainable option for increasing dissolved oxygen concentrations, improving water clarity, and overall waterbody health even in shallow or hard to treatment water bodies.

The Clear 150 is 32"x27.5"x39" in size and operates at a max flow rate of 110 gpm treating 20 ft acre of water.  Pricing includes the Nanobubble generator unit, shipping, delivery and professional installation.