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Ocean Habitats installs Mini Reefs in waterways which provides nursery
habitat to help hundreds of native fish and crabs grow up while filtering tens of thousands of gallons every day. Prices include delivery and professional installation.

  • Many have already turned
    to the mini reef system
    to make a difference.

    Thousands of homeowners and businesses in 13 states and multiple countries have already installed the Mini Reef System to start improving the aquatic environments in their areas.

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  • Interested in having a large project installed? Discounts do apply to large unit installations. Contact Us Today

"We must challenge ourselves to do something to change the direction our planet is headed. The Mini Reef addresses local water health and quality so please consider this opportunity to act"

- Philippe Cousteau

"I just wanted to share with you how wonderful the mini reefs are doing. I put a short video on my FB page showing all the fish below our dock. Our canal is looking really good right now! Thank you again. I hope to add 1 or 2 more very soon!!!"

- Susan Wojciechowski

"I have two and lots of fish live by it...I think they are a great addition to my canal"

- Dyann Miller

 "Thank you again. I can’t tell you how much we enjoy the reefs. The amount of fish that are near the dock is incredible. And the water is definitely cleaner! You and your team are doing great work."

- Mary Kelleher

Give The Gift Of
Healthier Waters!!!

Do you have a special date or holiday coming up? The Mini Reef makes
a great gift and lets your loved ones know you how much you care about them and the beautiful place they live in.

Give The Gift of Mini Reefs Today
Bring Your Dock To Life TODAY!!!
Make A Difference NOW!!!

about us

Ocean Habitats

For people living on the coast the sight of green, red or brown waters has become normal. Over the years many ideas to fix these issues have come and gone but little progress has been made. Now with few fish and waters so polluted they cause a threat to public health it's time to make a change and improve the health of our coastal waters. One concept to accomplish part of this large job is an invention called the Mini Reef™ produced by Ocean Habitats.

Ocean Habitats has worked on the Mini Reef™ as an aquaculture device since the early 90's. The device's original purpose was to grow thousands of fish and crabs. After over 65,000 hours of staff and volunteer work the initial prototype was developed. Over 300 failed designs eventually produced 34 functioning systems.

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