Marco Island Canal Watch

Ocean Habitats is excited to announce its new water quality monitoring program for Marco Island.  Canal Watch is one of several new initiatives Ocean Habitats is launching in an effort to fulfill its ongoing mission to bring coastal waters to life.  We are seeking donations to cover the cost of collection equipment and water testing supplies.  Ocean Habitats, Inc is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your donation is tax deductible.

Ocean Habitats is also seeking local volunteers to help collect and record the seasonal and yearly variations of important water quality parameters in Marco Island’s canals.  Every volunteer will be provided a set of equipment to record water conditions behind their home.  The collection work will take place once a month and will require approximately 10 minutes of a volunteer’s time.

Testing of water samples turned in by our volunteers will be performed by Ocean Habitats staff and student interns from Marco Island Academy along with local universities.  The interns will receive required credits they need for graduation and will also have the opportunity to conduct science in the real world.  The collected data will be compiled and made available for the general public on Ocean Habitats website and in its new quarterly e-newsletter.  As this data is compiled, it will help to identify issues facing the canals and help local government officials determine what actions to take to resolve those environmental problems.

Ocean Habitats is looking for residents that would like to participate in Canal Watch starting this fall.  This opportunity is open to people of all ages and abilities; the only requirement is that you have an interest in helping to preserve Marco Island’s natural beauty.  To donate and/or volunteer your time please contact Ocean Habitats Executive Director David Wolff at or call 218-841-5932 to speak to him directly.