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The Fish Crib

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The Fish Crib is an artificial fish habitat designed to help juvenile fish grow up to a larger and more survivable size.  The Fish crib rests on the bottom of a lake or pond and produces 150-200 pan fish every season.  While these juvenile fish are growing up on the Fish Crib other larger predatory fish are attached to it as a possible food source.  We have found dozens of medium sized trophy fish living around the Fish Crib looking for a meal and because of their presence even larger predators like Bass, Gar, Walleye, Muskie and more visit often.  We have found the Fish Crib able to hold up to 10 large predatory fish making for a fun day of fishing.

The Fish Crib is made out of durable materials and will last for decades at a minimum.  They have even held up to some additional testing by a 9' alligator so they are gator approved as well.  Sink a number of units in an area like the edge of a dropoff and create your own reef system on the bottom.  Place them below your dock for great fishing close to shore.  Weighing less than 10 lbs the Fish Crib can also be retrieved from the bottom and moved somewhere else.  Help maintain fish levels in your lake with the fish production the Fish Crib will achieve and enjoy the fishing hotspot the Fish Crib will create where it is deployed.

Some assembly required.  The Fish Crib is to be deployed by the purchaser.