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The Quad Reef

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The Quad Reef

Price includes delivery and professional installation in Florida. 

Marine life will begin living in and around the Quad Reef as soon as they are placed in the water. Each Quad Reef can support up to 2,000 fish, crabs and shrimp living in and around it each year.  Just imagine your children, family and friends seeing a thriving community of marine life swimming in the waters around your dock.

Each Quad Reef will filter over 120,000 gallons of water on average every day once fully developed and will help improve the marine environment substantially. Water quality will improve as the animals on the Quad Reef begin to remove the over abundance of plankton in the water. 

Each Quad Reef  is approximately 6'x4'x2' in size and does float at the surface even after development. It floats so the filter feeders attached to the unit will always be where 90% of their food source is found within 24" of the water surface.